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Rijkuniversiteit Groningen
Faculty of Law
Groningen, Netherlands

The University of Groningen does not have a campus, which means that the University of Groningen itself does not have rooms available for students.

But Groningen has a separate organization for this, called the Housing Office. They have all kinds of accommodation available for international students, ranging from double (shared) rooms with shared facilities till apartments, private rooms with private facilities, studios, etc. Pictures and prices are available www.housingoffice.nl.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
School of Law
Los Angeles, California, USA

As demand for on-campus housing at UCLA currently greatly exceeds the number of available units, we regret that the university is not able to offer LL.M. students guaranteed on-campus housing. During the summer prior to their enrollment at UCLA, admitted LL.M. students may submit an application for an on-campus Graduate Student Housing unit. As these units are not guaranteed, students who submit applications will be entered into a housing lottery and notified of the result in the late summer.

Fortunately, there are numerous equally attractive off-campus housing options in the neighborhoods surrounding UCLA, and bus services like the Big Blue Bus, the Culver City Bus, and the Los Angeles...


Institute for Law and Finance
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

There are several accommodation options available to students in the Frankfurt area. The ILF offers a limited number of dormitory rooms owned by the University’s student services. Since the demand for these rooms is usually greater than the number of rooms available, they are reserved for students from abroad and allocated by lottery. Students interested in one of these rooms should inform us that they wish to participate the allocation
lottery. Other options include student housing facilities offered by various church organizations and other non-profit housing facilities. We strongly recommend that students contact such organizations as soon as they receive notice of acceptance into the...


University of Auckland
The Faculty of Law
Auckland, New Zealand

The University of Auckland offers a variety of accommodation options and environments. With five halls of residence and five apartment options available, the residential community offers you an array of benefits of living at the heart of the University. More information about accommodation options at the University of Auckland can be found online.

Accommodation Services can also provide help and advice with external accommodation options. They can be contacted through our website.

University of Queensland
TC Beirne School of Law
Brisbane, Australia

The University of Queensland has a dedicated 'Accommodation Services' section which provides information and assistance to assist students to find accommodation.

University of Waikato
Law School
Hamilton, New Zealand

On-Campus Accommodation:
Accommodation on campus offers you a great place to live, study and make new friends. Waikato has four Halls of Residence which offer a friendly, safe atmosphere and a home away from home.

On-Campus Accomodation Costs:
Table of costs and fees for Waikato's four Halls of Residence.

Off-Campus Accommodation:
Information about the wide range of off-campus accommodation options for students intending to study at the University of Waikato.

Homestay Accommodation:
Homestay is when a student lives with a New Zealand family in their home. If you are an international student, under the age of 18, you are required to stay in homestay accommodation.



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