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LLM International Law and Global Governance


Start Date: September

Application Deadline: Applies to:
August 16 N/A
Admission Decisions released: N/A
June 28 N/A
Admission Decisions released: N/A


Course Language: English

Entry Requirements: N/A

Full time: yes

Length: 12 Months

Tuition fee: Applies to :
GBP 0All Students

Course website:


What the school says:


This course will enhance your understanding and challenge preconceptions of the complex legal and political nature of international law-making and governance.

We'll ask critical questions and raise strategies for a global order based on equity, sustainability, social justice, security and human rights at a time of global conflict, climate emergency and mass migration.

Taking a dynamic and responsive approach to contemporary global challenges, it aims to explore the often-competing concepts that infuse the theories and practice of international law. You’ll develop specialised knowledge of the most pressing and challenging aspects of this area of law and consider how States and intergovernmental bodies may respond.

You’ll examine topics such as the law of the sea, use of force, climate change, global health governance and international justice, which raise urgent questions about the effectiveness of current governance and regulatory regimes worldwide.

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